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Bong Lam -
A Cookbook for Popular Chinese Food


If cooking is an art, Chinese cooking enriches it with unlimited scope for creative flair and a stylistic touch. Great attention is paid to the presentation of the food.

Awarded Master Chef Bong Lam by World Association of Chinese Cuisine, the highest honour in Chinese cuisine Worldwide is sharing his culinary skill to you. In this cookbook, he has given us the insight of how traditional Chinese foods should be prepared, and the origin of many dished. He believes very mouthful of food, has a link in Chinese history, from century's history evolved to modern dining, there is no short cut in cooking good Chinese too.

This book contains a selection of over 100 Chinese recipes with useful tips, shown more than 200 stunning photographs. Each is simple to follow and quick to prepare without compromising on taste. Everything from appetizers to desserts, soups or dim sum and sauces, including some of his iconic creations, epitomizing his unique interpretation of Chinese cuisine.

Cooking is a labour of love, with his love of cooking, Bong Lam wishes everyone who uses his recipes will enjoy as much as he does at home or with friends.

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£18.50 per book
Bong Lam - A Cookbook for Popular Chinese Food
ISBN-13 : 978-0957345201
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